Another Gig Another Story

By Mark

After a gig I went outside for some air, passed the security and some people milling around, I was standing there and this guy came up to me and said, "Hey mate, nice playing".

I thanked him, and shall we say he was a friend of the herbal life, with eyes firmly set at the back of his head. He went on to say "If I could play like that, I'd be in bed all day, playin' and zonked out me mind, but I suppose getting a guitar would be a start eh?"

A Quiet Night Out

By Malcolm Smith

Last night Mark and I were sitting outside the pub having a quiet drink and enjoying the aroma of second hand smoke, when a very pretty young thing came to our table.

She was the picture of gorgeousness personified; just the right height, large green eyes, thick wavy shoulder length hair and wearing a linen camisole top and one of those short shirts which pinch at the waist and, yet, emphasise the hips. Yet, at the same time she gave the appearance of being continually on the verge of falling out of both of these at the same time.

It didn't take long before she caught our attention.

She first turned to Mark and asked, "Are you a musician?" To which he replied, "Guitarist."

Happy with that response, she then turned towards me, looked at me for what seemed an eternity with those green eyes and asked softly, "Do you do drains?"

Alyson's birthday

By Mark

We were in L.A. when a friend was having a birthday, we were trying to decide which watering hole to frequent but came up with the idea of hiring a Limo. So I was bursting for a toilet stop and asking the Limo driver to stop at any petrol station or fast food place he could, we were going down SunSet Blvd. at the time, when he said "I gotta place for you."

Next thing I know, he pulls up to the Beverly Hills hotel, car park full of Ferrari's and the like, we got escorted/asked to vacate the Hotel by the security. They took a dim view of one of our party that was cartwheeling through the lobby.(Name withheld to protect the guilty).

Those people are not fun!

Later, after having the party in the back of the Limo and tormenting people on Hollywood and Vine, Beverly Hills and making our way back to Santa Monica via Mulholland Drive, we dropped everyone off, there were two of us left, me and (Name withheld to protect the guilty once more), I was hungry, so asked the limo driver to go through a fast food drive through, it was pointed out to me that this is not something people do, I didn't think it Rock and Roll in any way, I was just hungry.

Mark. ;)


By Mark

We were going on holliday, we were flying into Atlanta, and we're going to be in Nashville and Memphis, then Back to L.A.

I said that I didn't want to play on this holiday, and that I wanted to take all this history and great music in, all the places, the people, everything.

Well the bar at the hotel we stayed at found out that I played, and one of the owners gave me his acoustic, a very nice easy playing Gibson guitar, to play, so I sat down and pluged in and played the theme tune to The Beverly Hillbillys, looked across the room to see my Mother sink her head into her hands. I had told her that I was going to do this if I found myself on stage in Nashvile.

So I am about to get up and leave the stage, after I played some Eagles tunes with the house guitar dude, when this chap sporting a big stetson comes up and mumbles in his deep southern drawl, "Sit down son, you gonna pick a tune with me","Erm, okay Mr." Said I." Took a swig of my beer and straped the guitar back on. Turns out it was Tommy Jennings, brother of Waylon, I didn't know! And to this day I still have no idea what I played!