Cable, the missing link.

As some may know, all cables are not equal. You can go to a shop, buy what's labled as a "Pro" guitar cable and think that you have a good one, not so, all the pro's use good quality cables and plugs.

I can recomend using Van Damme Classic Instrument Cable and Neutrik plugs.

I was talking about this to my mate Dan Diaz, and he told me that at M.I. all the pro's use Mogami cable and Switchcraft plugs, well that's not easy to get hold of in the U.K. Van Damme is, and if it's good enough for Abbey Road, The BBC Maida Vale Studio's, Sting and Trevor Horn then....

Neutrik plugs are very well made, they are what I call tour grade, they have no rivets to come loose.

What is the point on spending ££££ on a guitar, amp and effects and to hook it up with poor quality cable, every link (cable) between your guitar amp and effects is crucial, you need all the information to be delivered to the amp, think of it as HD cable if you like.

Keep the cables as short as possible, that means less signal loss, what's the point of a 10 meter cable when your playing in a bed room?

Lern to solder, it's not that difficult, there are a lot of online tutorials that will show you how.

When you replace a bad cable, don't keep the old one and think you can save it for something else. When it's bad, it's binned. Simple.

Trust me, thank me later.

What your aiming for is the transfer of every drop of information from your guitar's output to your amplifier's input.

Trust me you will hear the diffrence.